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…a bit late. I really need to get ahead of this! I thought I would do a little post for The Writer magazine, who ran a Crime Pays contest last month. I shared this contest when I first recieved notice of it, so it seemed like a good idea to share the winners. The Writer does quite a few contests, so any aspiring writers should definitely check them out.

There were three winners, and congrats to all!!  The winning story will be in the November issue, and all three will be available in October on the website, writermag.com. I can’t wait to read them all. The following is from the Writer (I would love to have given my opinion, but I can’t yet! I will in revisit this in  October.)

Congratulations, Wendy Robertson!

wendy robertson

Wendy Robertson and her submission “A Deadly Diet” capitalizes on character and setting, bringing readers into the gluttonous world of a Scottish man whose life has been steered off-course.

Scottish-born Robertson spends most of the year in Edinburgh down the street from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthplace. This is her first published short story.

The runners up

2nd place

By the second sentence of Orrin Hanratty‘s “All Things Are Connected,” readers grasp the grim circumstances of the narrator’s life. And the way that story comes full circle will have your head spinning.

Hanratty, a machinist from Providence, Rhode Island, recently completed an MFA at Hamline University. His story began with the narrator’s voice and morphed into a crime committed out of love.

3rd place

A wayward traveler stumbles upon some old-fashioned Southern hospitality inJudith Hill‘s “And Then – This Happened,”  a story that leads the reader along quietly and then releases a zinger.

Hill, founder and director of Wildacres Writers Workshop, was inspired by, of all places, Walmart, where she saw images of 19 missing women in the area and wondered, “What kind of killer gets away with that?


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