Friday Fictioneers–Almost

This was supposed to be the photo prompt for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. I loved this photo, and simply couldn’t do it justice in 100 words as Fictioneers are supposed to.  That happens sometimes, we are just inspired to go off the rails. If you would like to read the stories of the writers who did it the right way, check them out HERE 😉

A crowd gathered, a flood of  Italian rising. Terry looked at his monitor, shrugged, got up to go see. Ever since he had been moved to New Venice, it got harder to understand the Italian. One would think it would be easier, but once he knew a little bit, everyone just spoke faster and faster.

Some watchdog, he thought wryly, he couldn’t understand half of what they said, and he was sure most of them knew why Aquafirs had put him there. As if the  monitor cameras and surveillance in the hallways wasn’t enough. He was to hear the conversations in the john, he supposed. Was there one for the womens too?

He joined the back of the crowd, ignoring the uneasy feeling he always got from the sloshing water covering the lower levels of the building. New Venice had been built over Venice when the water started to rise.

I guess they figured they were already building over water, so they just kept going, Terry thought. But right now it felt like the whole building was swaying in the current.

“Humpback, Terrree,” Leona said excitedly.

“What?” Terry pushed through to the window, staring in amazement at the pod of whales swimming past the office building.



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