The Follower

Due to the hecticness of my day last friday, I missed the Friday Fictioneers for the first time since I started following Rochelle’s lead. Argh! However, since the picture spoke to me, I decided to write the story for today 🙂 For any others that had a busy Friday and didn’t get to read another blog that had the link, check out all the stories from last Friday, August 14, HERE!


“Dude!” This time the brown wings quivered as Myron leaned towards Bruce. “Dude! Did I tell you the one about the two caterpillars slinking into a bar? Dude, they….”

Bruce tuned him out.  Why did the kid follow him around anyway? I mean, damn, Bruce thought, I even picked the smelliest, busiest place I could find.

“Dude! Do you get it? Huh, huh? They were caterpillars dude!!”

Bruce saw the kid had crawled up on the window, laughing hysterically.

“Damn, kid, get down!”

Myron fluttered down, wings shaking, just as the window slid open.


“Follow me, we’re leaving.”


Somehow, that is rather the conversation I see between my large, older dog and the excitable little Schnauzer! Thank goodness Bruce is a good moth at heart!





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3 responses to “The Follower

  1. Ha! Nicely done, Dude 🙂


  2. Dude! Too funny 😀


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