How short fiction could rescue modern readers

Cliche Sunday has been pre-empted yet again by the busyness of summer. I thought this would make an interesting read. I love to read long books, but once it is one the computer screen, I want it to be short as possible. What is your opinion?

Word Shamble

How long can you read in one sitting? How long can you write?

I remember learning years ago (whilst studying German at floristry college – no, I’m not sure why either) that the human brain is only capable of concentrating for twenty minutes at a spell.

Now, when they say this, I’m pretty sure this twenty minutes does not include checking your phone for messages, your inbox for emails or You Tube for whatever limber limbed dance craze / semi naked pop songstress / cat swinging from a basketball hoop is trending at the moment.

No, this means solid, no looking at the time, no thinking of when the next cup-of-tea-and-chocolate-digestive-reward-is-due concentration.

Think you can do it?

I can when the WiFi’s off, however, as I’m writing this, I’ve just checked the WordPress message bell, found that little orange circle that means someone out there loves me and just had…

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