Tuesday Again??

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I wrote some fiction to get out of my Tuesday post about writing? And here we are again. And I still got nothing. I blame the heat. While the temperature is only in the mid-70s (F), the humidity was 83% earlier. I celebrated when it dropped to 71%.  Definitely not the kind of day to encourage movement. I am taking lessons from sloths. Highly underrated, sloths are!

How to get motivated? Well, one of my fav ways is to grab a glass of wine and check out what everyone else is writing. Who do I check out? Many of my fellow bloggers. Specifically, today I hit Claire Fuller;  Frankly Write ( I love her idea to imprison–metaphorically or realistically– your character to discover more about them. This link takes you right that post); and amie cuscuriae. Who gets you motivated? Do you have a certain set of bloggers that you know if you check out their posts will inspire you to write more?

Of course, there are the tried and true methods of encouraging yourself to start typing–or writing on that blank page. Does anyone still write longhand? I might if I didn’t have problems with my hands. My handwriting is just a mess, and my hands cramp up fairly quickly. Not that typing doesn’t hurt as well, but I can go a lot further a lot faster.

What are those tried and true methods, you ask? Well, the first one is the one I am clearly using is “Verbal Diarrhea”. I believe that is the correct term. I would rather call it something else, as I prefer to avoid bodily functions in my writing unless they actually involve my character’s body (sidebar: I misspelled character so often in 7th grade that my teacher threatened detention unless I started to get it right!). I checked out the diarrhea on my thesaurus, and I don’t see anything that would work better. “Verbal Montezuma’s Revenge” doesn’t have quite as a good a ring. Are you figuring out what verbal diarrhea is? I am just spouting whatever comes to mind that might be slightly connected to the topic at hand. It is kind of fun, actually 🙂

Another tested method is the reading of an admired writer to be inspired. I am still reading Margaret Atwood (although the next book in the series) and her writing definitely makes me want to be a better writer. The way she puts the words together is unique but easily understandable (some authors go so far to be unique they make almost no sense). And, of course, her ideas are fantastically excellent. The downside of this method is that I get sucked into the book and then write nothing as I am too busy reading. Fine line on that one.

Finally, I like to check out quotes on writing. Either they inspire me or make me think in different ways; and spur new ideas. What have we today?

I don’t want to be a doctor, and live by men’s diseases; nor a minster to live by their sins; nor a lawyer to live by their quarrels. So I  don’t see there is anything left for me but to be an author.
                                                                                          –Nathaniel Hawthorne

My main reason for adopting literature as a  profession was that, as the author is never seen by his clients, he need not dress respectably.
                    –George Bernard Shaw

As I spend much of my day in pj’s or exercise clothes, I can certainly see Shaw’s point. While I actually adore clothes, and dressing up, I also like being comfortable when I am at home and on the computer. I particularly like Hawthorne’s,  what a wonderful reason to sit and spread words across the page.



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14 responses to “Tuesday Again??

  1. Thanks for the mention! Verbal diarrhea’s technical name is free writing or automatic writing and when you can’t stop graphomania. You see, you don’t have to remember how to spell diarrhea. Although, using a possessive with it did give me a chuckle.

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  2. I like the phrase ‘verbal diarrhea’ – it may be gross, but it’s gloriously descriptive! Almost as good as ‘brain vomit’!
    I find reading great authors like Attwood can be inspiring but … sometimes you read them and think – ‘I could NEVER write like that – what’s the point?’ Being a generally upbeat bunny, though, I only tend to think this very occasionally.
    Having a writing routine is the thing that keeps me going – I write so regularly, think of writing so regularly, that you’d have to remove part of my brain for me not to think of it.
    And inspiration is everywhere – I love the ideas you have as your dozing off or just waking, the weird, trippy free wheeling stuff that’s released when your logical mind is no longer in charge. Of course, the trick is having a notebook handy, because you WILL NOT remember the idea in the morning. I’ve made the mistake of thinking that too many times and it’s painful when you lose what felt like a great story 🙂


    • yes! I think like that while I am running, then forget the precise words that made it so awesome when I get home 😦 But sometimes they come back when I start writing.

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      • I’ve done it so often.
        I woke one night weeks ago, a fully formed plot structure in my head. It was so perfect, so clear, such smooth connections- there was a lovely interlocking shape to it. I just knew I’d remember it when I woke up, so I slipped back to sleep. In the morning all that was left was the memory of the idea – the vague idea of interlocking story threads … The rest had dissolved with the night.
        I still feel sooo sad about it, as if my brain had deliveered me something great then snatched it away again.
        Always, always carry a notebook 🙂


      • still hard to write while running…and turning on a light to write at midnight would not go over well with my hubby. But I find that if I go over it again and again while running/falling asleep it tends to stay better in my brain–deeper connections in the neurons 😉

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      • Haha! there must be a market for notepads you can use whilst running – or you could use a dictaphone (ooh, that’s old fashioned, isn’t it? Your mobile phone, then.) Yes, husbands do tend to grumble when woken by blinding lights in the middle of the night, don’t they? Very unreasonable 🙂 I’ll try your technique – I think it’s a winner, actually as I did this in a small way last week and actually retained and idea for a change. It’s dependant on me being awake enough to think of it, though. I’ll give it a go 🙂


      • good luck! and I think it is sweet that you think I can talk enough to dictate whilst running!

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      • What, you mean you’re not super human? You disappoint me 🙂 Maybe some kind of mind reading device then, where you have to think of a key phrase to start it recording – the mental version of ‘Hello Google’. I think I’m onto something. Now all I have to do is learn computer programming, neuroscience …


      • Let me know how the neuroscience goes….it could be interesting, if not informative.

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      • Haha! Watch out neuroscience! I haven’t studied science since I was thirteen, so it could be interesting …


      • it could be very entertaining, you should blog about it!

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      • But we must think of the good of mankind – do we really want a numpty like me, polluting the science world with my hopelessness? I think not 🙂


      • oh yes! add some humanity to the scientists

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  3. Inspirational verbal diarrhea

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