Our weekly photo prompt from Priceless Joy. A bit late with it, but the photo fit in nicely with my ongoing series 🙂 Make sure to check out all the other stories too!

They met in the tunnel as planned. Each had prepared this time: rucksacks of water and snacks, ways to mark the trail back, rugged shoes and clothes for exploring. Haily practically hummed with excitement.

“Which door today?” she asked. “How do we choose?”

Irene pulled sidewalk chalk from her bag, then numbered the doors from left to right.

“I think we should just go in order,” she said. “What do you think, Frankie?”

“Why not?” He shrugged. “I guess that is as good a way as any.”

He reached up and pushed the lintel stone of the door Irene had labeled #1. Haily grabbed Irene’s hand as the door swung out and fresh sea filled the hallway. Once more Haily was the first one out the door, dragging Irene with her. Frankie followed, stopping to wedge a brick in the doorway.

“Nice,” Haily said admirably.

Frankie led the way  across the tall grass, stopping periodically to put markers. Haily danced around the other two, clearly wanting to run ahead. She suddenly disappeared from view, screeching.

Irene and Frankie dashed forward in time to see her rolling down the dune towards the water. She sat up as a wave splashed her face. Frankie fell down on the dune, laughing hysterically. Irene leaned against him, smiling down at her friend. Grimacing, Haily climbed back up the  sand.

“Yeah, yeah, so funny,” she groused as she came to stop besides them. Haily stiffened as she looked beyond them. “Um, guys, I can’t see the door!”




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11 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Nice story. Sounds like the girls are having a lot of fun exploring the doors. I have asked participants not to write continuation stories but as long as they can stand alone, I don’t mind. When there are many different people writing continuation stories it becomes too complicated for some readers to keep up with all the stories. I am trying to make it where others (of all ages) want to come into our grid to read our stories. Thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenges. You are appreciated!


  2. Argh! What the hell are they going to do now? I love this series of stories – feels like you’re taking us by the hand and leading us along with the kids. Thanks Samantha – looking forward to the next installment


  3. Going through those doors to explore sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. 🙂 I can feel their excitement as they cross the tall grasses to the dune, and the ending is great. What happens now…? It seems their fun has come to an abrupt end. Will they be stuck out there, with no way back…? Nicely written, Samantha. 🙂

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  4. I haven’t read the series. I assume they discovered these door that lead them to different places and adventures. But now they’ve seemed to have lost the door. This was a fun read and a nice suspenseful cliff hanger.


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