Cliche Sunday is interrupted again….

….by the Tall Ships in Portland. My husband and I  took the day to go down to Portland to see the wonderfully beautiful ships that had come into port yesterday.  Roughly 12 of the tall masted ships came to Portland for those of us who cared to wander aboard. And many of us cared. I believe we spent more time in lines than aboard the ships.The line for the central gate was at least a 1/2 mile long at one point.  But still worth every moment waiting.

the first ship we got on. They had a ship’s kitten, but it moved too fast I  for me to  get a pic of it!

Dizzying, isn’t it? I am not climbing up those ropes!


the view from one deck to the other on the US Coast Guard Barque Eagle (which we apparently captured from the Germans in WWII)

so glad I am not in charge of all this line!

more Eagle….


approaching the Eagle. This is my husband’s favorite ship, and a large part of the reason we went down to see the ships. The first time he saw it was with his grandfather 26 years ago



We didn’t get on this one, we could not face one more line! It was a replica of an original Spanish Galleon

wouldn’t want to see these guns coming at me!

such a beautiful ship

not a ship! But a friendly gull, there were some simply huge ones down there

We had a lovely day, and finished it off with a surf and turf dinner here at home. With a bit of wine for me…..hope I spelled everything correctly!!

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