Friday Fictioneer

Rochelle has led us once more into the dark depths of our minds to entertain you! As always, check out the rest of the stories sparked by the photo here.

“Come on,” Haily urged.

Irene sighed, but followed Haily into the tunnel behind the school. “What is so important?” she demanded.

“Frankie! Oh, I hope no teachers catch wind of this.”

Irene stopped short. “You are not dragging me down here for some fight, are you?”

“No, no, come ON.” Haily grabbed Irene and pulled her down into the cool dark.

No one really knew why the tunnel had been built. Rumors flew of course: war armory, refugee hideaway. The favorite was another secret tunnel. Irene didn’t believe any of it. Until they stopped next to Frankie and the open door.



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10 responses to “Friday Fictioneer

  1. Dear Samantha,

    I wonder where this lead. Sounds like the perfect tunnel for some hanky-panky. You leave it to the reader’s imagination…a good thing.




  2. I agree with Rochelle – excellent story. You leave our imaginations wide open with the open door!


  3. Oh, I hope there is adventure waiting, and nothing bad.


  4. Ah! Where are you leading us? Love your hints at where the tunnel might go- could lead us to adventure or destruction…

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  5. Ah, an open door. Nothing like an open door. 🙂 Great ending.


  6. micklively

    I’m thinking worm-hole?
    Good piece.


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