Friday Fictioneers

“What are you doing with that stupid picture?”

“Louis sent it to me. And its not stupid.”

“You are never going to Europe, you know. It doesn’t matter how many pictures Loueee sends you.”

“You don’t know that.  I have vacation coming up.”

“Look, Hailey, your future is here in cubicle land with the rest of us. Not running off to some dream land.”

“Frank, stop being so mean to Hailey! Just ignore him, dear, I think he must have something sour for breakfast!”

“She should be realistic! All these dreams. You never got out of here, did you, Helen?”

Our dreamy prompt from Rochelle this week for Friday Fictioneers! As with my other flash fiction today, I decided to focus on dialog and how to convey emotion with no additional help.  So, what emotions did you feel coming from the spoken words? And read the rest of the Fictioneer stories here–yes, that was an order 😉



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6 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Realistic fiction, this. Though I guess what the future holds is never known. Some can be stuck for years, and others can travel. Liked the take 🙂

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  2. Don’t give up on your dreams Hailey, they keep you going beyong the cubicles. Don’t you just hate people who down-talk dreams, be they realistic or not? Great story, I love it.

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  3. Keep dreaming Hailey, you’ll do it – just do it! Lovely!

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  4. Poo to that ole negative Frank. When Haley gets to Paris she should send him a postcard saying..glad I am not there with you!

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  5. Dear Samantha,

    What are we without dreams? As far as I know there are no expiration dates on them. Good story.



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