Writing Other Cultures – Don’t Assume, Ask

Today is my day to post about writing, and, frankly, I could not think of a better post than this one. So we are going with it 🙂

Author Amie Gibbons


Write what you know.  That’s the advice, right?  They (whoever the they are, I don’t know, there’s always a they though) say this because if you write what you don’t know, you’re going to get stuff wrong.  Usually I focus on what people get wrong in professions, like law, because that’s what I know.

My boyfriend points out historical inaccuracies (I don’t mean just technology anachronisms, I mean, he’ll know social mores of certain time periods and point out when a book gets those wrong) and inaccuracies when depicting weapons.  He’s a weapons photographer, I don’t know where the memory for historical stuff comes from, I can’t even remember an example of what he’s pointed out to tell it to you guys.

This is why I don’t write high fantasy or historical.  And why I write fluffy, cozy mysteries instead of procedurals because I’m not a forensic scientist (I do…

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