“Ok,” the teacher called, “do it again.”

A chorus of groans met her as the students reined their horses back into formation.

“Georgia, get Tomey back two steps. Henry, Honey needs to stretch a bit, loosen up the reins.” Angie walked around the riders, fixing the line as she went. Finally, she stepped back and smiled.

“Good job everybody!”

Horrays went up as the line scattered. Last five minutes of the lesson was always for play. The kids trotted around the arena, bouncing awkwardly on the patient animals. Horses were zigged and zagged in all directions.

Finally the teacher called them in and led them back to the stalls. After the tack was put away and the horses brushed, each child offered up a snack to the horses before being picked up by a parent.

Angie opened the exterior stall doors and watched in amusement as the horses all charged out into the paddock, bucking and tossing heads. Several immediately dropped and rolled, destroying the brush work of the kids. It was the same every week: the horses were quiet and sweet for the children, and the moment they were gone, the horses went berserk releasing energy.

(191 words)

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, led by Priceless Joy. Each week  we follow PJ’s lead as she gives us a photo prompt to write a story of  150 words  (more or less). Please check out the other stories here.  Leave a comment so all the writers know how awesome they are!



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3 responses to “FFfAW

  1. I loved that! The animals were sweet and well behaved with the children but
    rolled, bucked, and played once they were released!


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