Friday Fictioneers

Friday has once more arrived to joyous cheers around the world. All, of course, for the Friday Fictioneer stories, led once more by Rochelle. Here is my offering, sadly at 101 words instead of the 100 goal! Make sure to check out all the other stories based on this photo prompt.

The party was  over. The paper lanterns, so gaily lit last night, now hung quietly from the ceiling. Flowers bloomed in the vase and the room gleamed.  Martin stood in the doorway, unable to reconcile this pristine room with the revels of the previous night.

By that window Kenny had performed his lousy magic tricks.  Lou had danced on the island with a pretty redhead. The keg had just fit onto hutch. And it was only a fast grab that had prevented Tyler from spraying the extinguisher over the entire party.

Martin shook his head. His parent’s maid definitely deserved a raise.



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9 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Samantha,

    Fast acting maid I’d say. Your story made me smile.




  2. Wow! If the maid is THAT effecient, a raise is definitely warranted I guess 😀

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  3. The day after the party,nicely put

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  4. That’s a maid service worth paying for – do you have their number?
    Nice work.


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