Friday Fictioneers

Friday is here once more, and we rejoice with a prompt from Rochelle once more.  While this prompt put many a thought in my head, I went with the one that screamed the loudest. I hope you enjoy it and check out the other stories HERE. Plan on spending some time, there are many good ones to read 🙂


Let’s move to the coast, he said.

There are always fish to eat, he said.

A new village would be good, he said.

It would help, after, you know, he said.

Life will be good again, he said.

Ameara snorted. He was so wrong. She watched him grunt with effort as he manned the massive turnstile that pulled up the thick anchor chain. The pale men cracked their whips to encourage him and the others and soon the ship was moving. Ameara watched as the coast–her promised good life–slid away to a distant speck while she huddled with the others.



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10 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. This is excellent. It appears her husband is a slave. Wonderful story!


  2. Dear Samantha,

    I get the feeling that there won’t be a new village to give them a better life. I’m guessing they’ll be separated and sold to the highest bidders.

    Well done.




  3. Painfully beautiful.


  4. Susan Langer

    Nice take on the prompt. This sounds like the beginning of a continuation?


  5. This is so sad, hopes for a better life destroyed. Great story.

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