The noise,  noise echoing in the interior of my brain. It won’t stop. I shake my head, my hair flying around my ears before laying roughly on my neck. They’re laughing at me again. They are always laughing at me.

I stare at the boys, thinking maybe that will silence them. I try to look menacing, but turn away in defeat. Nothing can stop them. Why won’t they leave me alone? They have everything.  I have nothing. I have given all.  I stumble, wrapping my arms around myself. Catching my balance I walk away from the boys. The laughter follows me, echoing in the air and down into my home below the street.

I lay on my blanket, rocking back and forth, hoping to ease the pain in my head.

(129 words)

My entry for our Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers this week. As always, thanks to Priceless Joy for our photo prompt. Check out her highly amusing story along with the others inspired by the picture HERE.



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19 responses to “FFfAW

  1. This is a great story about a mentally ill homeless person. For me, this seems very realistic! I think this story is excellent!

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  2. Where did you get this photograph from Sam ?


  3. A powerful story! Its sad that the boys continue to laugh at him when it obviously affects him so badly. Having said that, with him being as mentally ill as he appears to be, the question then arises: are they really laughing at him or does he just think they are? Very well done. 🙂


  4. Beautifully expressed feelings!
    Well done!


  5. Groups of individuals, whether children or not, can sometimes be very cruel. Taunts and ridiculing of mentally ill (or otherwise disabled people) or homeless ones, are quite common. It is a sad story and you have desribed this homeless/mentally ill person’s predicament so well. it’s interesting that he should say. ‘I have nothing. I have given all.’ That is very thought-provoking. A good story, Samantha. 🙂


    • Thank you! I was trying something different this week. I think many times people don’t realize why a homeless person is homeless. In this case, he is a vet with PTSD, that is why he has given all.

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      • It’s a really thought-provoking story, which you wrote so well. The question now is… what happened to him to leave him so destitute? Perhaps he ploughed all his money into research and the work he loved – or did something else happen to him? You have probably enough here to write a novel. (I don’t expect you to answer all that, Sam. I’m just surmising!) 😀


      • I was thinking of a vet with PTSD. There are so many out there who recieve no help and end up in a situation like this.

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      • Oh, thank you Sam. I mustn’t be thinking straight today. You did say he had PTSD in your last comment! I’ll go and stand in the corner, now.


      • Somehow I missed this comment! Hope you haven’t been in a corner all this time!!

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  6. I like to stop by occasionally and show my appreciation for those who participate in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. I am so glad that you kindly share your stories with us. I look forward to reading them each week and I know the others do too. Thank you for your continued support and participation of the FFfAW challenge.

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  7. loricarlson66

    So sad for anyone who is basically homeless and ill. Wonderful story!


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