“Mum, what’s that?” Almaya asked, pointing at the big building.

“That’s a museum now, honey. It used to be a church.”

“Mum, what’s a church?”

“People used to go there and pray. They thought there was a God, and they wanted him to answer their wishes. Once a week they gathered there and listened to one man speak about God,” Almaya’s mom answered patiently. “That one has been really well maintained, most churches have fallen down by now.”

Almaya  swung her mom’s hand as they walked down the street, thinking about that.  Skipping backwards to face her mom, Almaya looked back at the church.

“Why don’t I know about churches?”

“You will, honey, you just haven’t gotten to it in school yet.”

“Mum, why don’t we go to church anymore?”

Her mom looked at her lovingly. Such a curious little mind. “Because when the Government took over, they proved there wasn’t a God,  Almaya. There is only science. We have moved so far beyond that superstition.”

Almaya looked at the church again, bright in the sunshine. It seemed so huge, stretching up into the sky. Maybe having a God wasn’t a bad thing, she thought.

My story for the prompt from our leader, PricelessJoy. Using all the words I didn’t use last week,  I hit 195 words for the story. Check out all the other stories HERE.





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9 responses to “FFfaW

  1. And how apt for the times !


  2. What an intriguing idea – churches and religion as history. I think here, churches are getting that way already. Chirches and cathedrals throng with visitors, staring at the architecural wonders – stained glass, tomb carvings etc – then the numbers plummet during services.


  3. Sadly a very sure sign of the times ~ Well written 🙂


  4. I like your future almost as much as I like the writing – nicely done!


  5. Your story is definitely indicative of the times (in the Uk, at least). Many services take place in almost empty churches, for which there are multiple reasons. I like the way you have the questioning child in your story, and the mother’s answers are very telling. Many churches are becoming just places of architectural interest. Thought provoking piece, Samantha.


  6. Awesome story! The child asking questions and the mother answering and the child thinking, “Maybe having a God wasn’t a bad thing.”


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