Friday Fictioneers

It is Friday again! People the world over sigh with relief the work week is over……and jump for joy because we are Friday Fictioneering! Stories from all over the globe are pouring in to the inLinkz led by Rochelle. Check them out. Yes, that was an order.

Janie sat back and surveyed her garden. Tucked into a corner of the roof, she had managed a tiny jungle.

She heard him coming, the uneven steps indicating his level of drink. Janie ducked her head before turning to look. The light from the dying sun framed him, huge and leprous with a dragging foot. Large, callused hands clutched his bottle and his ugly sneer  increased as he viewed her colorful sanctuary.

He came around the lattice framing, the glare of the sun leaving him. Once more he was her father, a worn man dragged down by life and drink.



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7 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Very good! I felt the foreboding she felt as her father came near her garden “sanctuary.” Makes me want to know what he has done to her. Excellent.


  2. Ooh, this is filled with foreboding. Dark and scary. Great writing.


  3. It’s amazing how a small shift in perspective can change things. Nicely described.


  4. Dear Samantha,

    This seemed other-worldly until you brought me back to earth with the last sentence. Well done.




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