No Cliches Today

As a fitting end to Horse Week, my hubby and I spent the day working on my riding ring. So, frankly, I am too wiped to even think about cliches, where they came from, and why we overused them! So I will leave you with this, and see you next Sunday for our normal  Sunday Cliche posting 🙂


and perhaps:

Charby can be all or any of these on various days



and, definitely:

We had a lovely horse named Monarch. My first ride, the plan was if he didn’t stop, my mom would grab him at the second corner. Mom had to grab him.

and, lastly:



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5 responses to “No Cliches Today

  1. Fun pics Samantha. I love all the cartoon ones but that horsey grin (or it it a growl?) in the photo is ace! 🙂


  2. I like the overo horse with that “polite smile” on his face. (S)he should wear a t-shirt “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointed to the funny brown horse making faces. They’re so cute! My horse makes faces all the time, especially when I have a camera in my hand.


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