Horseing Around

When I was young and, of course, horse crazy; my parents got some wonderful books called Thelwell’s Horse Box.  Norman Thelwell was a British cartoonist in the 1940s-1970s, and while I don’t understand some of the political satire in the books, I giggle incessantly at his on-the-nose portraiture of the equine mentality. As the back of the book says,

“Thelwell’s information is short and to the point and each item is illustrated with deadly clarity. It is designed to be referred to in any emergency–at the walk, trot or canter, or from the depths of a blackthorn hedge.”



IMG_1141.2015-04-23_183249    IMG_1145.2015-04-23_190026



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3 responses to “Horseing Around

  1. I love these! I had a book from Thelwell. I lend it out and never got it back. Too bad, I just wanted to share his humour.


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