Friday Fictioneering

Colleen rolled over again, thumping her pillow as she resettled herself. Still, sleep wouldn’t come. It was that dream again, that drip drip drip of water. Colleen understood Chinese water torture now. Whenever she closed her eyes, she was in a dark damp cave, with water dripping endlessly. She rushed from spot to spot, trying desperately to muffle the noise. It was very important that the water be stopped before she could get out of that dark cave. What could it mean, she wondered, lying there.

“COLLEEN!” Frank’s irritated voice echoed through the house. “You’ve left the faucet on again!”

100 on the nose this week 🙂 Thanks again to Rochelle, and check out all the other Friday Fictioneer stories!



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10 responses to “Friday Fictioneering

  1. Ah, the infamous dripping tap/faucet. I wonder how many nightmares that sound has inspired? I love the image you drew of the cave.


  2. Dear Samantha,

    it’s funny how sounds can be incorporated into our dreams, isn’t it? Nicely done.



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  3. Great ending sentence!


  4. An excellent atmospheric tale, we all know the tension of stressful dreams. And I loved the ending too, I didn’t see that coming!


  5. “to sleep perchance to dream”. Hamlet knew a thing or two about taps. 😉

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