Bart crept out, one paw slowly placed in front of the other, avoiding the painful rail. Joey was still nursing his paw somewhere behind him.  Slowly he placed his snout on the top edge of the canyon as he edged into the light.

Noise and brightness and scent assaulted Bart. Odd, two-legged creatures rushed around, pushing each other as they moved. Noise blared as sounds in the air and the creatures each tried to drown the other. The flashing lights dizzied Bart, and he withdrew his snout, sinking back into shadow. The creatures smelled good, like food. Bart snuck his nose back up.

What was this place? Why were they all running about? What could be so important? Bart was wondering all this when suddenly a roar far more frightening than the beasts that ran on the rails sounded down the tunnel.


“BARTHOOOLEEEMEEEEEW!!!!” his mother hollered, filling the tunnel with her rage. Bart spun and raced back the way he had come, his tail flicking the air as he ran.


Once more into story land we go! Thanks to Priceless Joy for another wonderful prompt. Please check out at all the other fabulous stories HERE.




Filed under Flash Fiction Friday

6 responses to “Exploration

  1. I loved this! A groundhog? So creative.


  2. I think he’s a mouse. There are plenty of mice on the Underground tracks in between trains. Nice job 🙂


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