Exploration two

Our Friday Fictioneer leader, Rochelle, is at it again, sending out a great prompt for us to use. I did cheat this week, using 112 words. Ooops! As always, be sure to check out the other stories prompted by the picture.

Mary stuck her head out of the quonset, then quickly drew it back in.

“How’d  I let you talk me into this ‘adventure’?” she asked.

“Let’s go to Alaska in winter, it will be great fun, he says. And I believe him,”she said, appealing to the universe.

“Ah, come on,” Murray said in his soft midwestern drawl. “You have to admit, it’s been fun so far.”

“We haven’t been able to leave the hut!”

“I know,” he winked. “There is supposed to be a great view of the Lights tonight. Wind’s died down,  put your head back out there.”

Mary did, and her breath left her. She turned and beamed at Murray.





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14 responses to “Exploration two

  1. I think it would be well worth spending a few nights in a quonset in order to get a view like that! I’ve been wanting to go up to the Arctic Circle for years. I love the way Mary suddenly changes her mind about the place, too – when before, even Murray’s “soft midwestern drawl” couln’t persuade her. A fun read, Samantha. 🙂


  2. Now that would be worth it to me! I hope I can see those light someday. Great story.


  3. Dear Samantha,

    I think I’d be willing to brave the cold to see the Lights. Nicely done.




  4. My other half went to university in Fairbanks. He won’t let me forget it whenever I mention that I’d like to see the Northern Lights some time… I like how you started those two stories in the same way – that’s an interesting idea for a series of stories that all have the same theme *takes notes*. Great job!


  5. A nice take on the prompt. The beauty of nature is unparalleled.


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