My Room with a View

Generally on Tuesday I try to put out a piece on the art of writing, rather than a piece of wrting. But as  I am a bit behind in writing 101 (what an understatement!), I thought I would dust this off and finish it.

Day two of writing 101: if you could go anywhere instantly, where would you go?  What room with a view would you like, or what room have you been to that made a huge impression on you. My question is, do I have to pick just one? I have found several pictures of the “views” that would entrance me. But, really, there so many views I would want to see. I need a Tardis, so that I could open my doors to a different view and experience it all. Our job was to be descriptive, but I decided to go a slightly different way–I picked out elements in the photos, and why those elements would make me want to open my window and see that view.

woods+water+stone ruin=a place to dip my toes for hours

power of ocean+stunning sky+rocks=awe

tranquil water+ symmetry=a place I could meditate

mysterious opening+ancient face looking down+dense jungle=a rather Indiana Jones beauty





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5 responses to “My Room with a View

  1. What a great range of photos- beautiful places.


  2. They are all lovely photos and I would be over the moon to visit any one of them. I agree that picking just one of them could be tricky.


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