Friday Fictioneering again! I have already been to the InLinkz site and read as many as possible of my fellow writers stories. At 8:30 am on Friday, there are already 63 stories! I urge you to to check it out, and again thanks to  Rochelle for bringing as all together.

Smoke billowed in the gray early morning light. Up and down the street lights came on and doors opened as neighbors were awakened by screaming fire engines. Confusion was on all faces as they stared at the house.  The new people, so new no one had time get to know them. Mother, father, one child. Nobody even knew what they did for work. The neighborhood grapevine had not had time to assimilate the family.

As the fire and horror died, they all realized they knew nothing. From “what a shame” to “they had it coming,” no one on the street knew what the truth was. 

105 words, just couldnt find 5 more to take out. If you see them, please don’t  let me know 🙂






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7 responses to “Fire!

  1. Oh, this one’s great, Samantha. I come down on the side of there’s something inherently nasty about suburban neighbourhoods, and this feeds right into it. The last line is gold!


  2. A sad end for this family, Samantha. It’s also a sad fact of life that there will always be gossips. Not knowing the truth, people will speculate and tales like ‘they had it coming’ will circulate. Good story.


  3. Great story, very sad. I like the way you showed how gossip develops even though no one knew anything.


  4. Dear Samantha,

    You painted a great picture of the neighborhood.



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  5. Dale

    So sad that this is what so many neighbourhoods have become…


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