Character Study

Today our Writing 101 class wanted us to do a character study on a person that we perhaps have just met recently. I have decided to describe someone that has helped me during my unemployment/school search. This is a fictionalized version of her, as I don’t have any right to throw her out on the internet in full view! Also, she has been nothing but helpful, so my study might suffer from a lack of fullness, as I don’t know any of her bad habits.

Lila was a person I felt an instant connection with when we sat down to discuss my future. Perhaps it was because she is the only one I have ever met who sits like I do: one leg tucked underneath us and the other crossed, dangling, over the first leg. Maybe it was because she picked up all our papers at once, seemingly without looking; and yet when I had a question, she had remembered my name. For whatever reason, I felt comfortable with her handling my case. Her narrow face, surrounded by quirky black hair, was serious as we discussed my schooling opportunities.

Lila was quick and cheerful as we went through my financials. As she typed, I gazed around her office. It was quite clear that Lila loved Ireland, as her office is stuffed with shamrocks, leprechauns, and celtic knots. When I asked about it, she said that she had traveled there with friends and pointed out a picture tucked behind the monitor. I learned she had lost her husband, but her son (mostly) lived with her. Since he wasn’t always there, Lila had learned to do many things her husband used to do around the house.

As we talked, she played with her necklace, a large piece she wore each time I saw her.( I never did ask Lila what the story was behind it) The corners of her office not filled with celtic memorabilia had lighthouses and ocean scenes, starting with a large Kinkade picture behind her. When I left her, I was left with an impression of a person I could count on.





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7 responses to “Character Study

  1. I really like the development here….I get a sense of this person. It is obvious that you don’t know her well, but definitely get a sense.


  2. What a beautiful way to describe a person. I wish I could know more about her – is it because of her Irish roots that she likes things Irish ?


  3. You succeed in intriguing me with this. Lila sounds like a lovely person and It would be nice to ask her more about herself. Her love of ireland is interesting, too. I like the way you’ve inculded little mannerisms, like Lila playing with her necklace. It all adds to the well-rounded description of her.


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