ok, clock is set: 20 minutes. I hate being behind, I was supposed to do this yesterday. I forgot to check my blog email until late in the day and by then I didn’t have time. I will have to check for today’s assignment as soon as I am done with this. What is this, you ask? Well, I signed up for Writing 101 here on WordPress and it started yesterday. Oops. The first assignment is a stream of consciousness to unlock our minds…then we have to post it. So you get to read how my mind works. Sorry! If only I could type as fast as my mind works. I think I am missing things that fly out of my brain before my fingers can capture them. Typing quickly is not my forte for long periods of time: carpal tunnel, you know. My forearms are already starting to hurt…so what shall I think (type) about? I could be thinking about all the things I need to do today: not just Blogging class, but I have to work on my medical terminology chapter and take the exam before class tonight. And then there is the CMA class, where I thought I was behind, but then she snuck two extra chapters in the lecture I watched yesterday, so Voila, I am caught up again…why did I capitalize the voila, you ask? I ask that too. I am not supposed to edit this. Bummer.
Ah, the tv (which I paused for this cuz who can write while WRKP in Cinncinnati is on? I love my Amazon Fire tv stick) has gone to screen saver. I love the screen savers that pop up…so many that I still see new ones. And some I would just love to climb into. I am definitely a nature girl. Give a me a quiet green grotto with massive moss covered trees and I can spend hours there. I was fencing for the pony yesterday–more complex than horse fencing cuz ponies are smaller= lower bottom line, and apparently Christopher Robin likes to jump=higher top line–and there was a lovely cedar tree, multi-trunked, with just a hint of moss and some rocks layered around the bottom nook, it looked like a perfect home for a nymph or faerie. Thinking about going back
and taking a picture. Could be a story there.
Quiet mind suddenly. Where shall I go from here? Well, now I am thinking that I need to go out and finish pony fencing. And what am I going to call C.R.? They call him Chrissy now, I feel that is a bit girly. Plus, I like the whole name: Christopher Robin. But unlikely that I am going to call him that every day. I can’t even get Charlotte out, I shortened it to Charby…so, Chris? Toper? Christo? Not Robin, my husband’s boss and my uncle are Robins, we have enough.
I am amazed at how much I can type in 20 minutes. I really thought my typing skills were going to limit me to much less thought. Did I mention that it is snowing outside? April 7 and it is SNOWING! Argh. I have had enough with the white stuff. Mother Nature can take and shove it where the sun don’t shine–Anartica….or maybe Alaska? Who’s in the dark right now? I just know I didn’t spell Anartica correctly…I hate that. Can I at least spell check do you suppose?
Dang, the brain has gone quiet again. Maybe I should try this when I want to meditate. Get it all out and then meditate. Trying not to direct this is also so very hard……and 20! Guess I can go back to WRKP now 🙂



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10 responses to “Streaming

  1. I like the stream of consciousness post. Seems like a great way to get out those ideas that churn around in one’s mind which may or may not end up being the germ for another post. I may try it as a technique whether or not I end up publishing the product..


    • it is a good idea, isn’t it? Maybe a once a week exercise, we could always do a page on the blog to put them on, then people could read or not. Kinda semi private, esp if you don’t say you made a new post to the page

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      • I will have to ponder that. I think of how so often when i am deciding on a topic lots of ideas come to mind that I am not sure I can develop into a post on my own, and then the thoughts leave the cluttered mind rather quickly. This would be a way to hang on to those ideas.


      • if you don’t want to make a page, just set a page in Word to collect them. I have a notebook-one for runner and one for fiction-to collect all the flybynite ideas I have

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  2. Currently I keep a list in my iPad notes because I always have my iPad with me, but I don’t necessarily get everything recorded.


  3. Yes, i really approve of this method of just hurling out all your random thoughts…very liberating for the brain, even if the poor hands complain and can’t keep up with the flow. Carpal tunnel is painful, isn’t it? I had it during pregnancy, but at least it cleared up afterwards. I enjoyed reading your unedited thoughts, Samantha. They made an Interesting and fun post. 🙂


  4. Have loved reading these- all of us spewing out 20 mins of random thoughts- such a variety of subjects come out when your mind’s on auto.

    Did this a few times on a creative writing course- it does help to free you up if your feeling ‘literally constipated’ and you can glean story ideas from it.

    Did mine yesterday, though I confess I did arrange it into paragraphs and correct the spellings after, cos no one would’ve understood a word!
    Still editing today’s- describing a place. How’s yours going?


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