The Wall

Jon hit the wall. He was stuck in this rotten part of town. This was the last time he came to MaryAnn’s for the night. She could just truck over to his place. Why wouldn’t she want to anyway?

He stared at the stained wall in front of him. He’d want to get out of here any chance he got. Looking up,  he noticed the A/C still in the window above. Shaking his head, he glanced at the fresh snow on his truck. Pulling out his phone, he checked the time again, just as the tow truck came around the corner.

Brought to us by Rochelle as always for our Friday Fictioneering. Check out the rest the stories here!



Filed under Flash Fiction Friday

7 responses to “The Wall

  1. Francesca Smith

    Jon is not a happy soul, especially if his truck is about to get towed away. Next time he should persuade Mary Ann over to his place.


  2. Great story! Loved the ending. 🙂


  3. Jon is definitely having a bad day! I take it he has a really nice pad, and in a good area? And now his truck is about to be towed away! Oh dear … I just read your reply to Francesca, above. I admit, i wondered why the truck was being towed off. It’s interesting to speculate, though. 🙂


  4. He is a bit down in the dumps isn’t he? Liked the ending and how you used the pick up truck in your story.


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