Evening at the Circus

   Gerri giggled with delight as the animals paraded by; elephants holding tails in trunks as they ambled, acrobats in sparkling costumes on the backs of  trotting ponies, monkeys dancing gaily around clowns. The Ring Masterclapped his hands in the center and all the circus performers froze, even the monkeys. The Master clapped his hands again and Gerri gasped as the monkeys scampered up onto the elephants and sat between the huge ears.

Frank watched as Gerri’s mobile face reflected her delight as the circus progressed.  She held her breath as the high flyers swung across the tent, and laughed at the antics of the clowns with the rest of the audience.

On the way back to the car Gerri grabbed his hand, her pudgy little fingers hot and sticky with cotton candy. He tucked her into her car-seat as she yawned.

“We going home now, Daddy?” she asked.

“We’re going on a trip, baby, just sleep and I will wake you when we’re there,” Frank answered. He swept the hair off her forehead as he thought again of the miserable apartment she lived in with her mom.  He got in the car and started driving, following the signs to the highway.


So I cheated! This picture is from Priceless Joy for our weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. ( Make sure to check out the other stories this week)  I am also using it as my fourth entry in the five days of Five Photos, Five Stories. Plus, went a bit over on words this week, at 204. I am so bad 😉 Today I am challenging  John in hopes that he will join us!




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18 responses to “Evening at the Circus

  1. Great story! Though I don’t condone the kidnapping. Very interesting read! The little girl doesn’t understand the apartment situation but she will understand her mommy isn’t with her anymore.


    • my first reaction to the photo was like others: it’s sinister! So I decided to go another way 🙂 I don’t really condone kidnapping either, but I imagine that there are extenuating circumstrances that are reason behind the poor living condition and Dad thought he was removing Gerri from a harmful situation. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! lol

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  2. M

    You sneak! Going over the word count!
    But when it comes, get it out. Cause sometimes, it so rarely visits 😉

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  3. I’m rather pleased with myself that I thought this sounds like a father child day before you mention the miserable apartment where Gerri lives with her mum. Love how captured Gerri’s excitement 🙂


  4. Great story! You describe the circus beautifully. 🙂 I worry about the little girl’s reaction to not seeing her mother again – the wonder of the circus will only distract her for so long…

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  5. Great story, briefly and beautifully told. The ambiguity over the home situation is one of the joys of flash fiction- by definition, there’s only so much you can say, so much of it’s open to interpretation. Makes you think a bit more, though, which is no bad thing!


  6. Could be a jerk with good intentions. I’ve met a few of those…


  7. Wow, great detail and tough situation! Frank’s trying to save his daughter from a miserable home with her mother (whatever that means), but at the same time, he’s taking advantage of Gerri’s innocence, forcing her to do what he thinks is best, and creating the potential for Gerri to be heartbroken from being away from her mother. Then again, maybe Frank did have a talk with Gerri beforehand and she hinted at wanting to leave that house. The possibilities are endless!


  8. I really enjoyed your story. You left a lot of things open to interpretation which is great.

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