Spa Day

I have been challenged! Sonya over at Only 100 Words has asked me to join her in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.  For this challenge I need to post 5 pictures with corresponding stories in 5 consecutive days. Additionally, I need to challenge another blogger each day. So today I am nominating:  Eileen On, who writes about her travels and always has great photos. I hope she accepts.

In the meantime, this is my first story, four more to go!


        Mary looked at the broad back apprehensively. This was not what she meant when she agreed to a tour of the local fjord.

The guide tried to reassure her. “We have used these horses for over 2000 years, Madame, they are bred to be calm and stable.They are a proud symbol of our country. They are even named for the Fjords we go to visit.”

Mary  glared at Murray with a bit of hostility, wondering how he talked her into this. Last night at the hotel is it seemed like so much fun, checking out the area around the Inn. But somehow she thought they would be hiking. Or going by bicycle.

They use bikes in Norway, don’t they? she thought half hysterically. It had not occurred to her that of some big animal with feet the size of saucers would be involved. Instinctively she moved her own feet  away. The horse shifted, swishing its tail.

Mary scooted even further away and chewed a nail while Murray helped tack up the three horses. Farm boy, she remembered. He had told her stories of living out in Montana on his dad’s ranch. She had never wanted to visit.

“Alrighty,” Murray said, “time to get on!”

He smiled reassuringly at Mary and held out a hand. Mary looked at the hand, then the large hairy beast behind him, and made her decision.

The spa at the Inn turned out to be an excellent choice.




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12 responses to “Spa Day

  1. As much as I like a spa, I think Mary’s missing out. Makes me wonder why she’s with Murray in the first place… Great picture, too. I love fjord horses, they are so gently 🙂


  2. That’s very funny! LOL! Gently horses are great! I love them!


  3. I have to agree with Mary on this one- horses always have a slightly mad glint in their eyes to me, continually on the verge of hysteria.
    Big enough to squash you, slightly mad and skittish, wearing metal shoes… Mary, I’ll meet you in the bar. They do have bars on spa days, don’t they?


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