The lights glared out over the field, illuminating the dark night. The teacher nervously circled the gazebo, again counting children huddled miserably in the center.

The teacher stood, peering out, hoping for the noise of a bus engine. Straining, her ears caught a noise from the back of the gazebo. Whirling, she saw a strange boy.

The boy  stared expressionlessly at her, then the children. Then he raised a hand and pointed behind her. At the same moment headlights swept the gazebo, drawing her gaze. When she  glanced back, the boy was gone.

Unnerved, she hurriedly gathered children and instruments.



 marks the spot for more great Friday Fictioneer stories! Thanks again to Rochelle Wiseoff for our weekly prompt.



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11 responses to “Stranded

  1. Spooky. Sounds like a teacher’s nightmare… Nicely done!


  2. I like how this storyette asks more questions than it answers.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. (As you already know…) I’d like to nominate you to join me in the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge:

    You are supposed to post five photos with a story to go with them for five consecutive days, and invite another blogger every day.


  4. Hi, Samantha. My post with your nomination went out before I saw Sonya had nominated you for the Five Photos, Five Days challenge- so consider yourself double nominated and in high demand 🙂


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