Beauty in 10 Sentences

1.  Maria’s innocent beauty shone out of her.

2.  “Beauty,” she scoffed, “what’s that nonsense?”

3.  The precious beauty of her was joy.

4.  Wine and beauty, complicated as death.

5. “Oh beauty”, he whispered in awe.

6. Would a robot have beauty too?

7. Why are we  focused on beauty?

8. The individualism of art is beauty.

9. “I thought her beauty quite shallow.”

10.  A beauty unseen is beauty still.

This was more difficult than I initially thought it would be. I think there is a need to be serious about beauty quotes, to show that you realize that of course beauty is more than skin deep. Once I realized that the idea itself was impeding me, I decided to be as cavalier as possible! I wrote the sentences more as I would have used them in a story than to make statements about what beauty is or is not. For that, I leave it to Ms. Hepburn:

As always, Audrey has class and beauty

This exercise in word play was brought to my attention by Priceless Joy. If you would like to give it a shot, these are the parameters:

Please write 10 sentences, consisting of 6 words in each sentence, and each sentence containing the word, beauty. Please end your post with your favorite quote about beauty. Remember to link back to /



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2 responses to “Beauty in 10 Sentences

  1. This is nice.. 🙂 10 beautiful sentences! beautifully put..


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