Friday Fictioneers

The Ruins


Sophie inhaled the damp mossy greenness as she stepped to the fountain.  All her dreams of exploring ancient worlds coalesced in the mysterious green water.   She could see coins littering the bottom, thrown by other dreamers on this very spot. One glinted oddly, almost like crystal, and Sophie reached into grasp it and get a better look. A clawed hand reached up from the dark bottom and grabbed her, pulling Sophie in so swiftly she had no breath to scream.  

By the time her classmates spilled into the clearing, laughing and shrieking, the fountain water was smooth and mysterious again. 

Friday Fictioneering again! I have to say, I would love to visit this photo. Green and mossy, it is so beautiful. So many things could happen here! Thanks again to Rachel for the prompt 🙂 Check out all the other stories HERE




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18 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Very sinister. Nice one.


  2. Nice story to go with this prompt.


  3. Reblogged this on homemade naturally and commented:
    This is a great story and a great challenge idea. I wanted to re-blog and hope that others get to read some of these great stories

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  4. Lovely. Thank heavens class outings (and most other things) are in the past for some of us.


  5. Oooh, a fountain monster. Nicely done. Love the ending – will it strike again?


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  7. Wonderful story! Very creepy and horrific. Now I’m going to go read the second part again. 🙂


  8. who was it, a wizard or a monster? but i like it


  9. So I was no only one to imagine a creature in the fountain! Delightfully spooky


  10. Oh so sinister.. I could almost feel that clawing hand coming out of the well.

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  11. I love the way your blog is set up. The layout is great! The content is interesting, too. Did you use a theme from WordPress or set it up yourself? And…do your copy editors have any difficulty agreeing on things? I would imagine that their different perspectives would be a great advantage! Daisy looks lost in thought.


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