Friday Fictioneers

So this week I couldn’t decide. Which one do you like better?

“Hole Up”

Panting, Jenny ran into the field.  Trees across the field provided the best hiding spot. She dashed across clover, stumbling over dips and stumps, collapsing against  bark.  She peered around the tree to see if anyone had followed her.

Giggles trailed through the air as Marie ran into the field, head swiveling wildly.

“Henry! I see you–out! Jill–I see your pink behind that log! You’re out too.”

Jenny slid down the trunk, cursing Marie’s eyesight. Her turns as ‘it’ were always the quickest.

Marie’s voice came closer. “I spy with my little eye–Jenny! Let’s Hole up again.”


The Shepherd

The dog bounded across the field, circling the sheep as they darted towards the bridge. Expertly he reeled in a straggler.  Another burst away from the flock.

The dog swiftly proved he was faster than the lamb, herding it back to the bridge with the others. His brown fur flashed as he passed through shafts of sunlight. The herd jumbled as they hit the bridge, but he pushed them all gently across it.

The farmer walked up, putting a callused hand on his head, ruffling the dog’s ears.

“Well done, boy.”

Then he sat, tongue lolling as he panted happily.

Our picture and the Friday Fictioneers was brought to us by  Rochelle Wisofffields,  check out the other Friday Fictioneers stories too. Its always worth the trip 🙂



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5 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. I prefer “Hole Up” because it starts out as a manhunt and turns into a game. I’m missing that surprise element in the second one.


  2. It was a tricky choice, both really good! I felt the first one captured my imagination and interest more in the intro than the second one but I enjoyed the imagery created in the second just a touch more than the first so a real tough call! I look forward to more!

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