spider web


 I had a little friend living in my car mirror for a while. These appeared every morning last fall. Unfortunately,even when I left them, the wind blew off my daily dose of art. But that little guy kept trying. 



March 9, 2015 · 5:26 pm

6 responses to “Valiant

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  2. Fiction writer; this is exactly what I had in mind when I suggested this challenge. Hoping ppl would post things that were creative with whichever word was chosen; not just the typical “soldier” or “warrior” or whatever word we generally associate with Valiant. Yes, this is a wonderful example of looking deeper and even finding a common example of a word we usually have a handful of symbols attached to it. I love your photo!!! (And the story you added to it.)


    • Thank you maggiepea!! I loved it because I so rarely go back thru my photos, I had forgotten about my little friend. Hope he found a good home somewhere else ;p

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      • I belonged to a photography club once, I didn’t participate at all and feel so bad about that but it was at an extremely busy time and was in another town…I joined over the internet but knew most of the ppl in the group and thought it would be so fun! Some rules were, with a new topic (word) it had to be a new photo we took for that. I, like you, just went through my photos and found this one, the work horse. It was a photo I had taken last year when I saw the painting in a store, in a frame and loved it. I want to learn how to set up a similar photo club, like the one I’m talking about. I need to learn how to do that.


  3. Nice photo of the spider’s work. I love spiders, they are so diligent.


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