the dusty road

   Jerry leaned against a tree, his bones shuddering in joy as he sank down. Dust coated him: the creases in his jeans, his  ragged rucksack, his worn face. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, blocking the packed dirt road stretched before him.

A memory of a fresh breeze cooled him. Birds singing and children laughing, yelling as they played.  Splashing water; slippery rock  cold under his toes.

“Jump, jump, jump,” his buddies chanted as he climbed to the highest  rock, clinging, until he fell more than jumped. The April water was  icy. Alan went next. Then Greg, until everyone had shown they had the guts.  Water slid out of Jerry’s hair, down his face and dripped off his chin as he watched the others jump. Greg almost landed on him, a few kicks pushed Jerry out of the way.

Wheels rolled by, chain clicking as the rider pumped the pedals. Sighing, Jerry opened his eyes, letting the memory slide away. There was a long way to go yet.


This is my weekly flash fiction, this time with more words (177) so nicely given to me by Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.  Such a luxury after holding myself to 100 words! Although that provides excellent training in parsing one’s words. This prompt is brought to us each week by Joy, check out her blog to learn more and join the weekly prompt. See the other stories by the Aspiring Writers here

I am a bit late this week, I try to do it every Friday, but although I started this on Thursday, Jerry just didn’t want to coalesce. And I spent Friday with my Mom, and I think that is a good excuse 🙂  Happy Reading!







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11 responses to “the dusty road

  1. Love your story and your writing style. I can see myself in that setting and jumping into the water. I can’t swim and I would never do that but I can picture it as if I was there. Very enjoyable writing.


  2. That shows that when we can’t be somewhere going there in our imagination is “almost” as good. Nice story! I really enjoyed reading it. Leaves me wondering, where is he going and why?


  3. A great story ~ The challenge and the awakening! Excellent ~ 🙂


  4. I’m even later than you. I haven’t even written mine yet… I really like your use of the flashback – good contrast to Jerry’s current surroundings 🙂


  5. A lovely story of a happy memory that you describe very well. You also leave us with the intriguing question of where he is heading along that dusty road. 🙂

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  6. An excellent show of how memories can give us strength and courage! He has it in him to persevere and store another great experience in his long-term memory. 😎


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