Fifty Shades of Grumpy Reviews

As part of “Re-blog Wednesday”, I chose Curmudgeon-as-Large. I chose him for 2 reasons, a) I love the word curmudgeon, and he does it so well; and, b) who can resist a muppet? Plus, I loathe 50 shades of gray. 50 shades of Grumpy, that I would read 🙂 This event brought to you by knowleselle.wordpress

Curmudgeon at Large

I really got excited about turning my idea for Fifty Shades of Grumpy into a novel.  It could even become a major motion picture!

Fifty Review1

I already had the basic formula sketched out.  I then turned that sketch into an outline.  Finally I set to work on a preliminary draft.  Before going any further I thought it best to send the draft to selected reviewers to get input.  I got back some of their comments and I see that I need to do a little more work.


I have never read anything like it and hope I never do again.                            –New York Times

If you only read one book this year, don’t make it this one.                  –Washington Post

This is a book for which the words “out of print” will be a blessing.           –Chicago Tribune

Spectacular!  Sexy and erotic!  Brilliant!  A sensational read!                             These are the words I would use…

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