A Geek is Born

Sarah sighed, thumping her feet. Her parents drag her to this podunk town, then leave her in the car with her little sister. What was she going to do here, away from all her friends??

Her parents came out of the store with a huge bag. Great, Sarah thought morosely, they’re going to read. Don’t they  even get tv in this town? But her mom plopped the bag between her and her sister.

“Here you go girls”, she said as she settled in the front seat.

Deena  immediately started reaching, so Sarah pulled out the top few. The coloring books she gave to Deena. She stared at her first book. It had a tall, curly-haired man with a huge  wildly striped scarf, standing front of a strange blue box with a light on top. Shrugging her shoulders, Sarah opened the book and began to read.

This week’s flash fiction comes from a new group, and they gave me some extra words to play with (ended up with 153). Check out all other stories inspired by this picture here at InLinkz.



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17 responses to “A Geek is Born

  1. Nicely done! Great title, too. I always struggle with titles.

    Oh, but there’s a superfluous “started” at the beginning of the last paragraph: “Deena started immediately started reaching …”


  2. I like this! Her mother opened up her world with books. 🙂 Great take on the prompt. Thank you for participating and I hope you will continue. 🙂


  3. I love the idea because as a young girl reading for me was an escape to another world.


  4. Yeah I do all kinds of books biography, sci-fi, books on witches, vampires, gnomes??just kidding no gnomes. Not sure about a tall guy though.


  5. I liked this a positive tale about the virtues of reading and the places words can take you. Well done.


  6. This was a nice story. I loved the title. And I love anything Young Adult oriented. I think you did a good job handling the age appropriately – it felt authentic. I feel like she was reading a romance novel? That would’ve been a fun twist 🙂 Nice job.


  7. And what happened then ? I am intrigued.


  8. Ahhh, then you are missing out on classic British sci-fi: Dr Who. My fav Dr was Tom Baker, well known for his 20′ striped scarf in the 80s. My first Dr, probably why he is my fav, as Roger Moore is my fav (altho not the best) Bond


  9. Cat

    Great take on the prompt and what a title!


  10. I’m so glad Dr.Who helped Sarah along her road to becoming a geek. I really enjoyed this little tale of conversion of crotchety teenager into ‘Geek Girl’. Good books have a habit of drawing us in to focus on other people’s lives with all thier joys and sorrows. Well done with this. 🙂
    My editor once told me that it is unnecessary – and incorrect – to use more than one question mark or exclamation mark (as you have done on your first line). In informal writing I suppose it’s OK.


    • The ?? was to emphasize her frustration. I think that rules are made to be broken when writing fiction, I definitely would not do it in technical writing 🙂 Thanks, sounds like you could be a Who fan yourself!

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      • I love Dr. Who, especially with the earlier Doctors. The one you described sounds like Tom Baker – my very favourite Doctor. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the recent ones, though. Great stuff.

        You’re right about ‘rules’ in fiction being made to be broken. All sorts of things are acceptable. What I said about ‘double’ question/exclamation marks certainly applies to formal writing. A couple of editors I know really stress the need to avoid using more than one and most online sites will tell you the same. Here is a quote from one online site, which expresses this:

        Avoid using more than one question mark unless you’re texting or actively seeking to drive your reader up the proverbial wall. While writing “Don’t you like popular people?????” seems emphatic, it’s incorrect for all but the most informal of writing.

        Still, when it comes down to it, it’s up to the individual writer. All I wished to do is share that thought with you. 🙂


      • I am always happy for feedback! Thanks. And, yes, it certainly was Baker. My fav as well 🙂

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