The Neighbors

balcony     Raising her binoculars, Aggie peered at the house. What were they doing over there? Muttering, she shuffled closer. A car meandered by; Aggie swiftly shifted focus, pretending to look at her bird feeder. No birds fluttered there, she could never remember to put out darn food.

As soon as the car passed, she swung back to the house across the street. The view provided was straight on. From behind it she could hear shouts and thuds. Hoots followed louder bangs. And, baaaa?

A goat darted around the house directly for Aggie. Screaming erupted as the new neighbors scrambled after it.

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17 responses to “The Neighbors

  1. They sound fun. Aggie will have plenty of entertainment in the future, I reckon 🙂


  2. Not what I expected at the end! Great story.


  3. Ah…crazy neighbors. We’ve all had them. 🙂 I am going to refrain from telling any goat jokes at this time though! Made me grin at the end.


  4. You totally painted images for me to become fully involved with this story!


  5. I just hope it wasn’t a sacrificial goat. There goes the neighbourhood…


  6. Dear Samantha,

    Sandra beat me to the punch on t his one. The new neighbors sounds like they’ll provide Aggie with hours of entertainment.

    And while I’m at it, welcome to Friday Fictioneers.




  7. Funny. She’s going to be discovered I expect. Nice surprise ending.


  8. How do you manage to stick to the word limit ? I need to learn from you.


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